Web and E-Commerce Joint Venture Partnerships

NBS Digital is looking to join a small number of outstanding new eCommerce projects as a technical partner who can deliver a complete e-commerce and online marketing solution that will get us selling quickly.

So, how does it work?

As your web services partner, we will provide a suite of digital skills and expertise to your team. Under this arrangement, we assume the risk and responsibility involved with developing and delivering the required web services so your team can concentrate on growing the other aspects of your business. This greatly reduces the up-front cost for the eCommerce platform, and our income is primarily based on performance. This model ensures our interests are very tightly aligned - what is good for you is good for us. We are not constrained by the clock or a budget as a traditional service provider arrangement would be, therefore we can offer additional services of value that might otherwise fall outside the ordinary scope of a web project. Depending on the requirements of your project, these value added services could include web strategy, online marketing, content generation, photography, social media management, ongoing website analysis, conversion optimisation and development of new features within your commerce platform.

Partnership Benefits

Interests Aligned

This model ensures our interests are very tightly aligned and allows us to invest our time into the project. Our remuneration is primarily based on the performance of your online business, allowing us to grow and scale together. It is in NBS Digital’s interest to invest our time into the partnership to help it grow.

No Clock

We are not constrained by the clock and can offer other valuable services that might otherwise be outside the ordinary project scope and budget, such as content production (photography, film and design), online marketing, ongoing website analysis, conversion optimisation and new feature development.

One Team:

Poor technical support is a thing of the past. As your partner, we are part of the team and ready to pitch in. Instead of inventing needless layers of support between the customer, a client and a service provider, we get our hands dirty and help provide frontline support.

$0 upfront:

No upfront costs for development, and we will come to an agreement about potential costs such as software licensing and hosting fees.

Who we're looking for

We are taking on a high level of risk, if the online business performs poorly, we will all feel the pain. So this is not a free swing. We want to partner with committed businesses who have the potential to be leaders in their field and are an exceptional chance of online success. You likely already have an outstanding product offering and a strong offline presence, but haven’t been able to make it work online, yet. And if you haven’t ventured online because you think this internet thing is just a fad, you’ll need a change of heart. Online commerce is here to stay and if we are going to have a successful partnership, we’ll need you to take it seriously. You should have a proven business model and be in need of a strategic and technical partner to launch it online.

We would like to partner with opportunities that have developed past the thought bubble stage. To help us understand where you are at, you should be able to answer the following three questions:

USP: Do you have a credible Unique Selling Point backed by a solid business and financial plan?

Resources: Is there a full time project member/team with deep industry expertise?

Commitment: How committed are you to the venture, both time wise and financially?

Where to from here?

If you see the above as an opportunity to grow online, then complete the New Project Enquiry form or get in contact with Paul Brick on 0438 043 798 for a confidential chat. As with any relationship, we must be able to feel comfortable holding an open and honest conversation right from the start to avoid surprises down the track.

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