Web and E-Commerce Systems Integration

In the past, stand alone systems were bent and twisted to try and do everything, or data had to be manually entered and kept up-to-date in a number of systems. Now, software programs are using web services and application programming interfaces (API's) which allow a number of systems to talk and share data - we call this systems integration. The benefit of this set up is that specialised applicaitons can be linked and used together, which promotes the reuse of systems and reduces the need to try and re-invent the wheel.

As a result, we now enter into a project with a high level of confidence that we can create efficiencies by integrating our web platforms with a number of existing client systems. When integration is possible, we can save costs by not having to develop functionality from scratch.

Recent Systems Integration Projects

Integrating the Hunt Green Online Store with External Systems

For the Hunt Green project, there was an existing internal office system that stores information about product data and inventory levels in their physical locations. Replacing these systems was out of the scope of the new e-commerce project, however we wanted to access that data for use in their Magento online store. Using a web service, we are able to pull in data such as product pricing, dimensions and weight from one system, and keep inventory levels in sync with our clients' business management software. With a catalogue of over one million products, this would not have been possible to do manually without months of data entry and ongoing maintenance. We were able to get the new system operational in a fraction of the time, and product data and inventory levels are always kept up to date, both online and in store.

ClientHutcheon and Pearce Pty Ltd
LocationWagga Wagga, New South Wales

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Keeping Central Highlands Water up to date with automated water storage data

Central Highlands Water collect data about water storage levels on all of its reservoirs across the region. This data is stored in an internal system. We worked with Central Highlands Water to create a web service that allowed us to pick up a live feed or water storage levels across the region. We then mapped this data, so that website visitors can interact with the map, click on a reservoir and get information about the reservoir capacity and current levels.

ClientCentral Highlands Water
LocationBallarat, Victoria

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Central Highlands Water Water Storage Level Data Integration

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